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Have Tottenham Hotspur just signed Fernando Llorente?

That sure looks like him!

It’s been quiet on the home front for a few hours now, and since there are just over two hours to go in the transfer window that tends to make us Tottenham Hotspur bloggers a little jumpy. So imagine my surprise when this suddenly hit my timeline:

I have no idea who this guy is or where this is coming from, but unless that’s a really freakin’ good photoshop job that’s most definitely Fernando Llorente wearing a Tottenham Hotspur top in Spurs’ training center.

If I’m wrong, welp, I’m gonna be a bit embarrassed, but I won’t be sorry.

We’ve been waiting for confirmation that Swansea have signed Wilfried Bony from Manchester City for a while, as that was what was apparently holding up the transfer of Llorente to Spurs. And while we haven’t gotten the official tweet from @spursofficial yet, this is the clearest indication yet that we’re about to get one.

So buckle up, it looks like our favorite potential transfer target from 2011 is about to join in 2017. Hey, six years late is still on time!