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WATCH: Harry Kane heads Spurs into the lead over Juventus

And Sissoko did a good thing!

Tottenham Hotspur fans were a little worried going into today’s friendly against Juventus. There still haven’t been any signings, there are a bunch of players injured, and Spurs started the match with Moussa Sissoko at right attacking midfielder. Oh, and Juventus are really, really good.

Harry Kane doesn’t care about any of that, and his header put Spurs up over the European runners up in the early goings at Wembley Stadium.

Now THAT is a Tottenham Hotspur goal. Kieran Trippier, who was down injured after tangling with Alex Sandro minutes earlier, put in a gorgeous cross to the head of an onrushing Kane.

And who was that with the hockey assist? Why, that’s Moussa Sissoko. Just like they drew it up.

ESPN took only 10 seconds from the start of the broadcast to mention the “Wembley Curse” stuff. Spurs are hoping they can start quashing that stuff, and this is a great start.