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No, Totteham are not going to buy Gareth Bale

Seriously, don’t set yourself up for massive disappointment.

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Juventus v Real Madrid - UEFA Champions League Final Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

We’re all very frustrated with the lack of transfer activity with our beloved Tottenham Hotspur, and understandably so. With the lone move being the Kyle Walker sale to Manchester City, you’d think Spurs might have some deals lined up. The rumor mill is churning again, but Silly Season truly knows no boundaries when it comes to the ridiculous, and this one makes my head hurt.

The dumbest rumor out there currently is even the slightest suggestion that Tottenham Hotspur could swoop in and bring Gareth Bale home from Real Madrid. All it takes is one tweet and people run with it. Here’s the tweet:

Now, let me make this clear: This tweet came just about an hour ago and is just stating a fact. Spurs do have this option, as it’s listed later on in the thread:

Part of the original transfer deal back in 2013 was that Levy had the right to match any offer for 72 hours. Basically, Levy understood that we were selling our best player and wanted to have any kind of power to get him back even under the most insane of circumstances.

Now, the only reason we’re talking about this is that the wonderful world of ITK in the past week has had a few suggestions that Bale might be enticed to play for Spurs again. I’m not linking to any of these because everyone here has probably read this ITK and we all know it’s garbage for multiple reasons:

First, Bale’s wages are insane. Last Fall, he signed a new deal through 2022 that pays him about £350k/week. Spurs aren’t going to sniff that in the slightest.

“But what if he just wants to come back to London for lower wages?” I hear that voice of dissent asking in the back. Alright, let’s say for a second that he’d be willing to take that pay cut. This leads us to the second problem: The transfer fee.

Even with Bale’s injury record, Real Madrid are still going to demand at least £70m and probably more, especially from an English club flush with TV money. United probably could handle both the wages and the transfer fee, but even that seems to be a stretch. Levy has a penchant for getting involved in transfers to drive up costs on other clubs, but this is not the situation he would do it in. Only twice in Tottenham’s history has the club cracked £30m for a transfer. If the club is suddenly going to more than double it’s record fee, it’s not going to be on Gareth Bale.

Everyone on this site is reasonable when it comes to our transfer policy. Yes, we’re all frustrated that Spurs haven’t addressed the depth issue, which isn’t getting any better. This is not going to be a move to address it. So for the very few of you out there who are reading this and have seen the ITK and losing your mind thinking that Spurs could pull off a splash like this, please do not get your hopes up. The ending of that story is a terrible one.