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Play Cartilage Free Captain fantasy football!

Back by popular demand!

The Row Continues Over Tottenham Hotspur Or West Ham United Bid For The Olympic Stadium Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images

I am terrible at fantasy football, but I play it anyway. Well, I say “play” but what I really mean is “update my fantasy team until I get either bored or completely forget about it usually no later than week 8.”

But we do have a tradition here at Cartilage Free Captain of making a custom league for Carty Free readers so everyone can see just exactly how bad I am at fantasy football. And, welp, I see no reason for that not to continue!

So for the... what, fourth consecutive year now? I can’t even remember — I cordially invite you to participate in the Cartilage Free Captain fantasy league at

I renewed last year’s league, so if you were a participant last season, you should automatically be a part of Carty Free’s league as well. If not, or if you’re new, click on the link above, create an account, and join with the following league code: 2416385-568170

This is a pool league, meaning there’s no head-to-head. If you want one of those leagues, keep an eye on the fanposts, as I believe there are a bunch of readers who have set one up in past years.

Have fun!