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Friday Hoddle of Coffee, Post-Deadline Day Hangover Edition, September 1, 2017

That was... fun?

Swansea City v West Bromwich Albion - Premier League Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images

So I know that Marcelo Bielsa basically destroyed Fernando Llorente’s body and that the big Spanish target man has been a much more limited player in recent years. And I know he’s 32.

I think I’m still talking myself into this though?

It could be that yesterday ended in more amusing fashion than I could have predicted: Arsenal’s day was horrific and ended with them being disappointed that they couldn’t pay almost £100m for a player who can best be described as like the 5th best player on Monaco last season. Then not only did we not sign Ross Barkley, but his transfer ended in hilarious fashion. Meanwhile, Riyad Mahrez’s plane has hopefully landed by now. It was a goofy day. So I may just be in a not-terrible mood (which is not how I expected the day to end) and am thinking maybe Llorente will be good.

But, I dunno. Maybe he will be good? How are you all feeling about our activity? In purely footballing terms, it ended as well as could be expected heading into the day—we avoided any spectacularly stupid decisions, we brought in a backup striker and a right back who should do a job for us. Thoughts?