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Tottenham release purple 2017-18 third kits ahead of Champions League opener

Nike gives Spurs a camo third kit that’s exactly the same as all their other teams’ third kits.

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We’ve wondered for a while now why Tottenham Hotspur haven’t released their third kits for 2017-18. Usually this all gets done before the season kicks off, but here we were heading into week six of the Premier League with only rumors of what the kits are going to look like.

The wait’s over. Tottenham announced that their third kits, made by Nike, are going to be vastly different from the home and away kits, featuring a purple geometric camouflage design with yellow accents.

Here’s Christian Eriksen modeling it.

Third kit is out ! #nikefootball #watchusrise @nikefootball @spursofficial

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Truthfully, these are pretty much exactly what we saw leaked in stores a couple of months ago, and honestly they’re still as ugly now as they were then. I don’t mind when third kits are strikingly different — that’s what third kits are for — but I confess that I kind of hate these. The purple camo matched with that particular shade of yellow is just... ew.

But hey, at least Nike has designed something unique and different that no other club has, right?


Right, but what about...

Ok sure, but...

OK, but they’re both in a different...


This was pretty much what I feared when Tottenham signed with Nike to do their kits for the next few years: lazy Nike cookie-cutter templates where the colors and badges are changed but not much else. That’s exactly what we have here. And not only are the Nike third kits all pretty much the same, they’re all universally ugly.

The timing of this release suggests that we might see some of these kits on display today and tomorrow in the opening matches of the Champions League. Man, I sure hope Spurs aren’t planning on wearing these monstrosities at home to Dortmund at Wembley Stadium. It’s a European home match -- those are reserved for the all-white European “Glory, Glory Nights” uniforms, not whatever alien camouflage Nike sees fit to barf up to enhance their #brand.

But hey, different strokes for different folks. If you like them (and fair play to you if you do), you can now buy them online at the Spurs Shop.