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Vincent Janssen scores his first goal for Fenerbahce

We love our curvy (former) striker.

Vincent Janssen was unceremoniously dumped by Tottenham Hotspur for the Turkish hinterlands on the last day of the Turkish Super Lig transfer window, heading to Fenerbahce on a season long loan. In some ways this loan was a litmus test for how you feel about our curvy Dutch striker: if you didn’t favor him it was a way to get his badonk-a-donk out of north London, at least for a season. If you still believe in him, it’s an opportunity for him to prove he can still score, albeit in a different league.

Well, good news, Janssen stans! Thicc Vin just did this in a Super Lig match between Fener and Alanyaspor!

Look at those striker’s instincts! Right place, right time, in the back of the net. I also love his reaction. He’s so pleased. That’s the look of a player who had started to not believe in himself, only to regain his confidence at the right time.

Related, check out Fener’s goal announcement tweet. This is awesome. Why doesn’t Spurs do stuff like this?

Yes, it’s the Turkish league, not the Premier League. But just for the sake of argument, what if Janssen goes out and scores 25 goals for Fener this season? Would we take him back at the conclusion of his loan? Would he even want to come back?