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Dele Alli’s FIFA 18 rating revealed while he exposes an Arsenal fan

Another L for Arsenal as Dele gets a ratings bump.

It’s that glorious time of the year once again. FIFA 18 is just around the corner and the ratings blitz has officially begun. EA Sports released the first batch of ratings on Tuesday as the 100-81 ranked players in the game saw their new stats revealed. Our man Dele Alli’s rating has been bumped up to 84 overall, an increase from 80 where he started FIFA 17 and 82 where his midseason rating was boosted.


In addition to releasing new ratings, EA cut together a funny video of some professional footballers, including Dele, reading some comments about themselves in FIFA 17.

Dele’s portion of the video features a tweet that calls him “the most bang average player in the league” to which he retorts that it must be an Arsenal fan. In fact, it was an Arsenal fan as Twitter user “@Sanogology” came forward with the admission of guilt.

This is a dangerous lesson to all the bad opinion havers on Twitter. Just because you let your horrible takes into the world, doesn’t mean they’ll end up in a FIFA advert. Just the especially bad ones.

NOTE: Jan Vertonghen’s rating was revealed on Wednesday. It goes from 83 in FIFA 17 to 85.