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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News and Links for Tuesday, January 16


Tottenham Hotspur Mid-Season Training Camp Photo by Tottenham Hotspur FC/Tottenham Hotspur FC via Getty Images

What’s up, people of the Hoddle?

I spent last night explaining Cristiano Ronaldo’s image to a friend and I have decided I do not want to go outside until it is spring. (I will definitely go outside again before it is spring.)

Shall we ramble?

Ramble of the Day

Last week, Usain Bolt told the world that he will have a trial with Borussia Dortmund in March. He’s been rather obsessed with being a footballer for quite some time, and though he seems to be trying really hard, I doubt he will eventually get this professional footballer in Europe’s top leagues thing to happen. I could be wrong, though!

Anyway, that had me thinking. As Bolt tries to switch sports, I wonder what footballers might be interested in a switch in sports, and may actually be successful?

The question, I suppose, is sort of related to the time I was thinking about how Spurs players would do in a 5K while I was running a 5K a few months back with my sisters, who saw a guy that looked like Eric Dier. The answer, we figured, was that they would probably breeze through one of those, and may actually be good at longer distance running, like a half marathon or a full marathon. That probably depends more on the specific player, though.

(Somewhat unrelated: Do not run a 5K on a cold-ish day when you have a cold. It is not fun for your respiratory system. I learned this the hard way, as you may have guessed.)

A number of footballers, of course, could have decent careers as track runners, depending on when they decided to make the switch. Of course, a whole bunch of them could end up in sports that are unrelated to their current talents and also allow people older than 34 to succeed in. Danny Rose, I bet, might enjoy a career in darts.

I’ll let you guys sort out the rest. I have to get to the links, after all.

Links of the Day

Stoke City have hired Paul Lambert to replace Mark Hughes.

Louis van Gaal is speaking about his Manchester United exit again, this time saying that he did not take the Belgium job in an attempt to get “revenge” on his former employers.

The longer read: The story of the trailblazing Cyrille Regis, who died this weekend. It’s a good read for those unfamiliar with his life, as I was.