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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News and Links for Friday, January 19

Just another day on the wild and wonderful internet.

Tottenham Hotspur Mid-Season Training Camp Photo by Tottenham Hotspur FC/Tottenham Hotspur FC via Getty Images

Hello, everybody!

I actually got the day right today! It is actually Friday!

Now, for the final ramble of the week (because it is Friday).

Ramble of the Day

My younger sister (who, on a side note, suggested she and my older sister do “Guest Rambles” on days I’m lacking inspiration) shared that she did not like Jon Bon Jovi. I asked why out of curiosity, and she then said that she thinks she confused him with Bono, so she had to Google “why do people hate bon jovi.” Naturally, she was led to Yahoo Answers. I then remember how funny Yahoo Answers can be sometimes.

Here’s the question she stumbled upon:

Why do people hate Bon Jovi so Much?

Today, me and my friends were talking about music, we never do so they were very surprise about how much i loved Bon Jovi. They told me that they sucked and that Atreyu’s Version of You Give Love a bad name was better than the original by Bon Jovi. I did my best to show them how wrong they were, but they kept telling me that that wasn’t true even if i showed them real facts.

why do people hate them so much, and please can you show me real facts to support you opinion? THank you

Update: I don’t want opinions, i want Facts.

Update 2: I’m From Texas.

Feel free to read the answers here, though my sister said they’re nothing special. (Note: I don’t listen to Bon Jovi and I don’t really have an opinion here.)

Anyway, let’s talk about that question. It starts relatively normal, and ends that way. The updates are where all of the drama is. I appreciate that this person made facts a proper noun. This person is genuinely prioritizing the truth. That second update, though, takes the cake. I have no idea what that has to do with anything, but I love it.

This little thing inspired me to find more fun Yahoo Answers. Luckily for me, the internet had the things I needed. Here are a few, selected by me from lists selected by others.

The answer makes this one funnier.

Is the hunger games based on a true story?

I was watching the hunger games. is it true? like did it happen to Nazis after WWII?

Best Answer: Not WWII. This actually happened right after the Pilgrims came to America. They took over the land and forced the Native Americans to participate in the Hunger Games. The reason why Pocahontas is so famous is because she was the winner of the first Hunger Games.

I feel a little bad for this person.


OK so I keep walking outside my house with my laptop and I STILL can’t see myself on Google earth! I KNOW that this is my house for sure on Google maps, but it’s not sowing me when I go outside. I even typed MY address.

WHAT IS GOING ON! I try waving to catch my attention, but it’s not working! I keep trying to reflect the sunlight with my mirror but Google maps still isn’t picking it up! HELP ME!

I could’ve used a bit more context on this one, but perhaps I don’t want to know.

How do i unbake a cake?

I’m hoping a few of you people may have the answer to this question.

Are there birds in Canada?

Im thinking of visiting and might bring my camera so im curious to know if the have any birds i know they have moose

I won’t share more, I promise. Want some links?

Links of the Day

Signings and contracts: Stoke City have added defender Kostas Stafylidis, who is on loan from Augsburg; Gerard Pique got himself a fancy new Barcelona contract, with a £440 million ($598 million) buyout clause.

Howard Webb is now general manager of the Professional Referees Organization in North America after joining the group last summer. He replaces fellow former Premier League referee Peter Walton as the head of the organization.

Longer read number one: Chelsea are being accused of breaking FIFA rules regarding the signing of foreign players under the age of 18.

Longer read number two (I’m not picking two on purpose, I swear): On Mauricio Pochettino’s tiny right hand man, Jesús Pérez.