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Harry Kane announces he and his partner are expecting their second child

Ivy Jane’s gonna have a kick-about partner!

2017 Premier League Tottenham v Manchester United May 14th Photo By John Patrick Fletcher/Action Plus via Getty Images

Looks like Lucas Moura isn’t the only expected new arrival at Tottenham Hotspur. Spurs striker Harry Kane dropped some big news on Twitter today, announcing that he and his fiancee Kate Goodland are expecting their second child!

Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Congratulations to both Harry and Kate on the baby! There are some that say that the birth of Kane’s first child, Ivy Jane, was good for him not only personally, but professionaly as well — he seemed to go on a goal-scoring tear as soon as Ivy came into the world, and he hasn’t exactly stopped since.

Kane has said numerous times how much family means to him as a counterbalance to his professional football career. Now that family is getting bigger, and it’s a great thing. He’ll be a little tired on the practice pitch after that second kid comes, but it’ll be worth it to have another baby Kane in the world.