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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News and Links for Monday, January 29

A very random ramble.

Newport County v Tottenham Hotspur - Fly Emirates FA Cup Fourth Round Photo by Athena Pictures/Getty Images

Hi, Hoddlers!

I remembered I left you with that riddle, courtesy of my mother, on Friday. To jog your memory, here it is:

She’s the 7/11 lady who is married to the singer, Timberland.

If you guessed Jessica Biel, well done! That’s correct. To the (at least) one person who guessed Beyoncé, I still think you did a great job! That was definitely creative thinking.

Anyway, shall I get to that ramble?

Ramble of the Day

I have a random story — or stories — for you today. They’re related, but so random that there’s probably no reason to share, but I could not stop laughing about it, so I guess I will. (I also do not have a lot of time to think up something else, so I will just run with it.)

I was watching the Grammys last night, and U2 performed — or perhaps it was just Bono. I was not really paying that much attention.

Anyway, I remembered the time that U2 album was automatically downloaded on everyone’s iTunes accounts. I also remembered how upset everyone was, even it was really easy to ignore. They had to issue a formal apology, which I still chuckle at.

(For what it’s worth: I have no particular opinion on Bono or U2’s music or that album, which I never listened to.)

I was also reminded of the time I was accidentally Bono. I got pink eye a couple of years ago, and was required to wear sunglasses by the doctor. That was easy enough to manage during the day, but at night, it was a bit too dark — even with the lights on. I had to pick up a very cheap pair of sunglasses with a lighter tint. The only one I ended up finding were these light pink ones that looked just like Bono’s pink sunglasses.

It was hard to look at the world in those glasses, I must admit. It was also hard to be in the same room with people who were constantly laughing at your glasses, forcing you to constantly laugh at your glasses. The pink glasses only lasted one night, though the reminders will last a lifetime.

I guess the world is not always better through rose-colored glasses.

Now, for those links.

Links of the Day

Leroy Sané may be out for some time after twisting his ankle injury against Cardiff.

Speaking of Manchester City, Pep Guardiola keeps ripping the tags off of his jackets.

A mini transfer recap: Monaco have signed forward Pietro Pellegri from Genoa; João Mário has moved from Inter to West Ham on loan; an explanation as to why Mix Diskerud is Manchester City’s latest signing

Espanyol’s Mario Hermosa scored a hat trick this weekend against Leganés. The only problem was that two of them were own goals.

The day’s longer read is a repeat of sorts, since someone shared it in the Hoddle on Friday, but in case you did not get a chance to read it, there was a stellar piece on Érik Lamela from The Guardian last week.