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Pochettino: Fernando Llorente is still in my plans

Tottenham’s manager refused to get drawn into talk about a possible bid from Chelsea for the Spaniard.

UEFA Champions League'Real Madrid v Tottenham Hotspur'

One thing we’ve figured out in this (and other) transfer windows is that Mauricio Pochettino doesn’t really comment on transfer rumors, even when we KNOW things are happening. So it’s no surprise that he refused to let himself get drawn in with the two primary transfer rumors involving Spurs in January: the imminent arrival of Lucas Moura, and the rumored interest from Chelsea for Fernando Llorente.

Pochettino reportedly had a smile on his face when speaking about Lucas in a press conference this morning, but was completely mum when it came to the Llorente rumors, saying only that he’s still a Tottenham player.

Lucas Moura is here in London - why is he the right man for Tottenham?

Yes, I saw him on your channel [Sky] but not too much to say. The club is going to communicate when something happens.

He’s 25-year-old and an attractive option for you?

Still nothing has happened. I cannot say nothing.

Will his arrival pave the way for Fernando Llorente to be sold to Chelsea?

That is another rumour. Fernando is our player. I don’t know nothing about that.

But you must agree he’s struggled so far at Tottenham?

I cannot speak about rumours. He played the last game against Newport. He’s one player in the squad, like different players. He’s in our plans.

In my heart of hearts I don’t really think Fernando will be wearing Chelsea blue before the end of the day on Wednesday, nor did I expect Pochettino to really say anything about a possible move. That’s probably more up to Daniel Levy than it is to Pochettino at any rate. But stranger things have happened on transfer deadline day.

Meanwhile, Chelsea are apparently still working on signing Olivier Giroud from Arsenal, which would render this whole thing moot.