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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for Friday, October 12

An airport complaint.

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Tottenham Hotspur v Cardiff City - Premier League

Hey, everyone!

Shall we talk about how airports are structured?

Ramble of the Day

Airports are rather simple in set up. You walk in and there are a series of places to check in, get your tickets, and send your suitcases away temporarily. Then there’s a bit of security, and eventually you get to the shopping mall portion of the airport before getting on a plane and landing in a new place. Some airports also have the option of doing some eating and shopping, Heathrow being one of them. This is a tried and true format that needs little restructuring. The Orlando International Airport, for some reason, wanted to fix something that was not broken.

I haven’t been to Orlando in a few years, so in a sense, I have been waiting to get this off my chest. ( Let me just state this for the record, though: the Orlando International Airport is probably the worst airport I’ve been to for this reason. (Note: I’ve been to only a handful of airports, so I’m sure that there are a number of worse airports for a variety of reasons.)

Walking into the airport, all of the shops and food establishments are waiting for you. This at first is hardly inconvenient, especially if you’re a little earlier than you need to be for your flight. There are plenty of overpriced goods to keep you entertained in the meantime, like you would enjoy an airport once you’re fully checked in. You expect the airport to be like a regular one once you get past security, and act as if everything is normal. Except it isn’t, and it becomes very problematic.

The last time I was in Orlando, I flew back home on a flight that was during mealtime. My family and I decided that we’d get meals after security and before boarding the plane, since the in-flight meal wasn’t free and would not have been tasty, anyway. It’s something that has become a smart habit of ours, and usually goes without any problems. But Orlando International Airport is a special place, because there is almost nothing to eat or look at once you get past security.

Ultimately, my question is this: Why would you put the most interesting part of the airport at the worst part of the process? One should be able to enjoy the airport after all of the procedural and occasionally annoying parts and before the awful task of sitting in an airplane. It’s the perfect time and place to unwind and get excited for your upcoming travel, or enjoy the last bits of vacation that you have. Why would you flip the script, Orlando?

tl;dr: Don’t mess with the structure of an airport.

Links of the Day

Real Madrid is suing Portuguese tabloid Correio da Manha after the paper claimed that the club obligated Cristiano Ronaldo to pay off Kathryn Mayorga.

Chelsea has decided to send racist fans on educational trips to Auschwitz instead of banning them to combat antisemitism.

Five people have been charged in relation to Belgian fraud and match fixing claims.

Monaco have fired Leonardo Jardím after four years at the club.

Manchester United owe Monaco €10 million because of a goal scoring clause in Anthony Martial’s contract.

Today’s longer read: Adam Hurrey on the art of the tedious and banal footballer match day tweet for The Telegraph