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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for Tuesday, October 16

Moving in and out of the trap of nostalgia.

Tottenham Hotspur v Cardiff City - Premier League Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

Hey, everyone!

Enjoy an important picture from the international break before we get started.

Spain v England - UEFA Nations League A Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Ramble of the Day

Several weeks ago, I wrote down a possible ramble topic: “interesting/necessary revivals.” I can’t say I had a strong opinion on them one way or another when it initially became trendy to reboot old shows and movies, but recently, I’ve started to dislike the idea of just bringing everything back from the dead. Most of them are unnecessary, and I’d rather see something new instead of something old because a certain section of fans can’t give up on their shows of the past. It’s why I had no television shows or movies listed in my notes.

That said, over the weekend, I was talking with my older sister about the kids’ game show Legends of the Hidden Temple. It is a little bit before my time and hers, but Nick GaS had reruns for us, and our younger sister, to enjoy as children. The memories I have are feelings associated with watching the show, which involved children doing challenges in order to win the right to run around said hidden temple and solve puzzles to escape the temple. I remember enjoying the thrill of the final challenge because I do like the idea of an interactive, real life game. From my superficial read of the show as a child, it all seemed fun, and I thought for a minute that it might be a good show to bring back.

Of course, I then started to think about it. The show itself is problematic, considering it treats several native cultures like one big native culture and also probably traumatized some children by hiring actors to dress up in insensitive garb and scare them in the hidden temple. There are other layers to how this show wouldn’t pass today, and there’s probably commentary to be had on how nostalgia strips away the reality of certain situations.

Before I move on, I will admit that I was disappointed in my own sense of nostalgia, and for a moment, I finally understood why everyone else wanted reboots of their old favorites. That feeling quickly faded, though, because I had not just seen the error of my ways, but accepted them.

Anyway, there is a way to revive Legends of the Hidden Temple without all of the troublesome bits. You make it something adults compete in, and you basically replace the hidden temple with a hidden mansion or castle or something along those lines. Now that I think about it, an adult, inoffensive version of Legends of the Hidden Temple is an escape room. Naturally, you’d expand it to more than a room, but it probably wouldn’t make for the greatest television show, no matter how fun it might be in real life.

I suppose it is not worth it to bring Legends of the Hidden Temple back, and that’s more than fine. I’m back to my original stance.

Does that make this a waste of a ramble?

tl;dr: Sometimes, the past should stay in the past.

Links of the Day

Luke Shaw is expected to sign a new contract with Manchester United.

Laurent Koscielny has retired from international football after seven years with France, and has criticized Didier Deschamps’ off-the-field coaching.

Vincent Kompany’s father Pierre Kompany has been elected the first black mayor in Belgium.

Today’s longer read: Stephanie Brantz speaks to the defenders who had to defend Usain Bolt and the Central Coast Mariners attack on the day he scored a brace in a friendly for ESPN