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First part of Tottenham Hotspur’s new stadium set to open to the public this weekend

The club store will be open for business...barring any further delays


Tottenham Hotspur will be across the capital on Saturday taking on West Ham at the Olympic Stadium, but there will be some match day activities taking place just off the Tottenham High Road for the first time in a long while.

This weekend Spurs are set to open up the massive club store that will be a part of their forthcoming new stadium. The club claim that this club shop will be the largest of any football team in Europe.

Dan Kilpatrick of the Evening Standard has more:

The club is aiming to have finished work on the megastore inside ‘The Tottenham Experience’, located on the corner of Park Lane and the High Road, in time for a Saturday morning opening — although no confirmation is expected until Friday ... The Tottenham Experience —which is within Warmington House, a Grade II listed building — will also be home to a visitors’ centre, the club museum and archive, which are all scheduled to open next year.

So the store is expected to be open for Saturday, but there won’t be any confirmation of that until Friday. That sounds exactly like Tottenham Hotspur.

The club shop, “Tottenham Experience”, and all that is exciting, but really what everyone is waiting for now is for football to actually be played in the new stadium. Delays and poor communication from the club have frustrated fans for months.

The article also has a bit more information on when Spurs may finally start playing in their new ground.

Work is continuing around the clock to finish the stadium, with several key areas — including the football and NFL dressing rooms and many of the bars — still unfinished. Some of the executive suites — including The Daniel Levy suite, named after the club’s chairman — are close to being fully operational. The club is expected to confirm in the next fortnight that the Premier League home games against Chelsea on November 24 and Southampton on December 5, at least, will be relocated to Wembley.

With the Chelsea and Southampton games apparently set to be moved to Wembley, that means the most likely opener for the stadium would be the Burnley match on December 15th. This would see the new stadium open up exactly three months after it was supposed to host the Liverpool game.

The Daniel Levy suite is something we’ll be hearing about again. You’ll have some of the forgetful “ENIC Out” types complaining, but the least Levy’s transformation of the club has earned is a suite named after him. Stadium setbacks or not, this is a man who has taken the club from the lower end of the Premier League to an established Champions League outfit.

Again, delays are definitely frustrating, but they’re not the end of the world.

If your impatience is getting the better of you, you can always play FIFA 19 and see Tottenham’s new stadium in all its virtual glory. The real thing will eventually be ready here in real life too.