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Report: actually, Spurs aren’t interested in Wilmar Barrios after all

Welcome to Silly Season, four months early.

Boca Juniors v Velez - Superliga 2018/19 Photo by Marcelo Endelli/Getty Images

Usually we get the conflicting stories surrounding potential Tottenham Hotspur transfers much closer to the actual transfer window. Apparently, silly season is coming to town early. Days after a report from Argentina suggested that Tottenham had agreed in principle to a transfer for reported summer target Wilmar Barrios for a January move, a Spurs beat writer is saying that may not be the case after all.

Ben Pearce, writing for ESPN, cites unnamed internal sources at the club that claim that not only have Tottenham not agreed to a January transfer for the Boca Juniors defensive midfielder and Colombian international, but he is not a target for Mauricio Pochettino now nor was he last summer, despite numerous reports claiming otherwise.

These are the kinds of rumors that make me, as a writer who’s job it is to cover incoming and outgoing players, throw up my hands and laugh. I have no idea what to believe regarding Barrios anymore. Is he coming, or not? Is he a good fit for Spurs or not? I have no idea! Life is an eternal mystery and we are all voyagers hurtling through space and time on a rock orbiting a medium-sized star. Is it not appropriate to pause to appreciate the majesty and beauty of the infinite now?

Maybe this is true. Maybe it is not. Perhaps we are just motes of dust floating in the air in a place called bat country, the winds of chance blowing us thither and yon. We may sign no one in January. We may sign Wilmar Barrios. Or Lionel Messi. All things are possible, nothing is true.

I need another cup of coffee.