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Sky: Dele Alli to sign contract extension at Tottenham

Dele’s set to “cele” a new deal in North London.

Tottenham Hotspur v Watford - Carabao Cup Third Round Photo by Pete Norton/Getty Images

Ayyyyyyyy! Maybe things aren’t so glum around Tottenham Hotspur as we previously thought! Sky Sports understands that Dele Alli has agreed to new terms with Spurs and is close to signing an extension to his existing contract.

This is, if you recall, similar to what we heard in late September when it was reported that Dele and the club had had “a breakthrough” in negotiations. That was right before the League Cup match against Watford, but Dele went down with another hamstring injury just afterwards and we never heard about it again.

It’s possible that all parties put the negotiations on hold until Dele recovered from his injury, perhaps just to make absolutely sure that this wasn’t something that would keep him out long term. Now that he’s close to a return (and could earn some minutes on Monday vs. Manchester City) it makes sense to resume negotiations.

There’s no further information on the deal at this time so keep your skepticism hat on, but just getting Dele locked down to a new contract is a major victory. Now we just need to get him to 100% fitness.

Time to retrain your fingers on how to do that weird finger circle on the eye celebration thingy!