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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for Wednesday, October 3

Paulo Gazzaniga, his dog, and a hidden talent.

Tottenham Hotspur Training Session and Press Conference Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

Hey, everyone!

I was very close to rambling about something else today, but I ended up stumbling upon a form of ramble jackpot.

Ramble of the Day

We all know Paulo Gazzaniga, third-choice Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper currently getting a run of games because Hugo Lloris and Michel Vorm are out injured. We know that he’s done rather well in this stretch, and that he adds to Argentinian contingent on the team. Did you know, though, that he has a dog named Teo?

Not to be confused with Teo, the singer of Belarus’s 2014 Eurovision entry “Cheesecake,” Teo is a dog that clearly enjoys the snow. He’s adorable, and Gazzaniga knows how to take good pictures of him, or at least knows people who can do that. (Could you imagine if he hired a photographer for a snowy Instagram photoshoot? It might not be the weirdest thing in the world, actually, and I’m sure a bunch of people have done it.)

Anyway, it seems like a rather normal existence for Teo and Gazzaniga, even though he doesn’t post about him a lot. In fact, there is only one other Instagram post of this adorable dog, and either this one is out of left field or the snowy photoshoot is.

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A post shared by Paulo Gazzaniga (@gazzanigapaulo) on

The first question has to be: Why? I don’t mean this as a critique in any sense. It’s a pretty funny video, which is exactly what it’s supposed to be. I am curious, though: How did he come up with the idea?

Seeing as I won’t ever get the answer to that question, I will move on to my other thoughts. In addition to being a capable goalkeeper, Gazzaniga clearly knows how to direct a video. This is a skillfully created production. The costume and set designs are perfect, and the actual direction is sublime. He tells his story perfectly; the video starts off completely unassumingly, and finishes off that way after the surprise hits you.

Gazzaniga has only one other video on his account, which is of him verifying that that is his official account. That, too, is well produced, but it is a much simpler production. I’d love to see what else he can do with a camera and a story, because he seems promising.

tl;dr: A hidden talent of Paulo Gazzaniga.

Links of the Day

Jadon Sancho has signed a contract extension with Borussia Dortmund, keeping him at the club until 2022.

Someone threw a cabbage at Aston Villa manager Steve Bruce before the team’s 3-3 draw with Preston North End.

David Squires’s latest cartoon is about Manchester United’s poor start to the season.

Today’s longer read: Tom Marshall reports on the early days of Diego Maradona’s tenure at Mexican second division club Dorados for ESPN