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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for Tuesday, October 30

Shock and awe at the explicable things in life.

Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester City - Premier League

Hello, all!

I ended up watching Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again over the weekend. It was much better than the first one, and was actually well done and more enjoyable than I had anticipated. I managed to talk through it, cracking jokes, but it probably wasn’t worth a ramble, I’m sorry to say.

Ramble of the Day

My mind tends to wander a lot, and I end up thinking very strangely about ordinary things that most people don’t think about often. It’s like an obnoxious Twitter thread about the shocking ways our universe works, but they’re not really that insightful. They’re just a little weird, and might not leave you as shocked as they left me. Regardless, let’s dive in with some examples.

I have thought this a few times while going down stairs that the act of walking down stairs is essentially throwing your legs out and hoping they land in the right place. Maybe I walk down stairs weirdly, but it is a little bit true, isn’t it? It probably applies to all of walking, but there’s a certain danger that walking on flat ground doesn’t have that walking down stairs does. Of course, your feet are almost always going to land in the right place; they’ve practiced this time and time again, after all. Still, though — you’re basically just throwing them away from your body without a care and without a thought for the worst.

Then there’s my constant state of amazement at the human body. This was something I was mostly fascinated with a couple of years ago, not bothering to understand the science behind it because I was a terrible science student and still don’t trust any of my scientific instincts. There are plenty of things the human body can’t do, but a lot it can do with and without help. That is a pretty cool thing, despite all of the trouble our bodies give us. Naturally, that makes those that are experts of the way the human body works just as impressive, because it is quite a lot to understand on a deep level. I guess I’m saying doctors are great, not that doctors need validation from me. I’ll move on.

This is something I thought about the other night. The Earth, its moon, the sun, and all of the other planets in the solar system are kind of just...floating. Of course, they’re not entirely — there’s that whole gravity thing, after all. Yet, on our planet, where we understand one very different version of gravity, another version of it is just wild. It is not inexplicable, and ultimately not that difficult to understand that the Earth orbits around the Sun and that the Earth and its moon’s relationship is similar.

See? Told you it wasn’t terribly insightful.

tl;dr: My thoughts are sometimes annoying.

Links of teh Day

Real Madrid have fired Julen Lopetegui after appointing him in June, and have promoted Santiago Solari on an interim basis.

Riyad Mahrez has said that Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha “was like a dad” to him after dedicating his goal against Tottenham to him.

Antofagasta midfielder Eduard Bello proposed to his girlfriend to celebrate a goal in his side’s Chilean first division match against Everton. She said yes.

Today’s longer read: Tariq Panja and Rory Smith on the end of the English football television blackout for The New York Times