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Come On You Sharps Week 8: Don’t Bet on the Bluebirds

Spurs get a weak Cardiff this week, hoping to bounce back from the midweek

Liverpool v Cardiff City - Carling Cup Final

Last week, Bryan and I both did well from our match against Huddersfield. I added $100 to my tally, whereas Bryan got off the even rate, adding $333 to his total with Harry’s brace. Now, after a disappointing but kind of comical game against Barcelona midweek, Spurs get Cardiff at Wembley this weekend. Cardiff do not exactly have a Messi to take advantage of our depleted midfield.

Bryan is out this week, so you’re stuck with me.

Spurs Bet

Spurs are massive favorites against Cardiff, even missing half of their first XI to injury, even coming off the midweek, even playing a “home” match at Wembley still. Cardiff are maybe the worst team in the league. In addition to being bad, they don’t really play through the midfield, using a defend and long ball strategy that got them out of the Championship with ease, but isn’t exactly built for the Premier League. Given Spurs don’t have much of a midfield, but do have good defenders and good attackers, this seems like a great matchup for Spurs. So I’m going to go with Spurs -1 goal at 8/11 for $220 to win $160. So come on you 4-1s.

Bouncing Around the League

So there’s a big deal six pointer for the title this weekend, huh? Liverpool host Manchester City in a match that could determine the title ultimately. Liverpool have had a tough run of fixtures, Spurs, Chelsea twice, and Napoli, leading into this weekend. City have looked excellent as of late. On the other hand, Klopp’s teams tend to dominate Pep’s teams. Liverpool looked completely knackered against Napoli, and Naby Keita may or may not be be hurt. It all adds up to feeling like a surprisingly cagey match and therefore a draw. I’m going to go with $100 on a draw at 13/5.

Prop Bet

Bryan was so successful last week on Harry’s two goals or more bet, I want to join in on the fun. Fulham and Arsenal is going to be a delightfully silly match. Neither team can defend at all. Arsenal’s xG’s against is 11th in the league. Fulham’s is dead last. There will be goals. I don’t want to cheer for an Arsenal player, so let’s bet on the beefy Aleksandar Mitrovic to score two or more goals at 13/2 for $50. It’s probably dumb, but it will be fun.

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