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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for Wednesday, November 14

Food and lifestyle.

Crystal Palace v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

Hi, Hoddlers!

Important update via Dustin’s write-up of Harry Redknapp joining the next season of I’m a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!:

The new season starts November 18, and we’ve lined up Pardeep to keep you all abreast of Redknapp’s progression via the Hoddle. Goody!

Be prepared for some loooong Hoddles for the entirety of Redknapp’s stay on the show!

Ramble of the Day

I was in a part of town I had never been to yesterday, and I decided to look at all of the food establishments for several reasons. (Note: Calling a different part of New York City “a different part of town” is a little bit deceiving, isn’t it?) I noticed that there were a lot of pizza places, but not at first. I’m hardly ever shocked by the existence of many pizza places in one small area because it’s all I’ve ever known. New York and its surrounding areas are full of pizza places.

It reminds me that not all places have such easy access to pizza. My older sister, in an unrelated discussion of pizza yesterday, asked me: “Is it worth wasting a slice of pizza on?” (I have unique pizza incentives.) The answer: That’s a trick question, because there’s no such thing as a waste of a slice of pizza. There are genuinely bad slices of pizza, but for the most part, pizza is a pure, beautiful thing that is worth every trip and every bite. It is the one thing my elementary school cafeteria, where the worst pizza I’ve ever had existed, could not turn me off from. Pizza is not just a part of my life, but a part of my lifestyle. I am, though, aware that it is not part of every lifestyle.

I’ve travelled enough in my life, both in the United States and outside of it, to know that not everyone has that feeling about pizza. In fact, there are probably a few foods that are part of our lifestyles. Off the top of my head, I can list milk and other types of dairy and rice, which is probably more a product of the house I grew up in than anything else. I was chatting with my mom a couple of weeks ago about how it’s essentially a ritual in India that everyone drinks milk as a nightcap of sorts. (This love of milk did not as easily translate to my older sister, so it might just be a luck thing.) My love of dahi, an Indian yogurt made by fermenting the milk, is very literally a product of being born to and raised by two Indians, and so is my love of rice, which pairs so well with dahi. (My older sister also doesn’t like dahi as much as I do, but she likes it plenty.)

It’s probably all part of the concept of nature v. nurture, though of course the two work hand in hand. The foods that are a part of my lifestyle don’t necessarily go together, nor do they have to. They are, though, somewhat obvious markers to the things that are out of my control that shaped me: the family I was born to, and the place my parents decided to raise me. At least for me, this combination of cultures extends into my other tastes; dahi is naturally tart and almost sour, and considering I’ve grown up loving the taste, it might explain why I love limes and lemons so much.

Anyway, I turn it to you, if you’d like to think about what foods are part of your lifestyle for various reasons.

tl;dr: Food as a part of one’s lifestyle.

Links of the Day

Brentford technical director Robert Rowan has died at the age of 28.

The Netherlands has qualified for its second Women’s World Cup, while Argentina has qualified for the first time since 2007.

Former Discovery global president Susanna Dinnage has been named the Premier League’s new chief executive, replacing the outgoing Richard Scudamore.

The Premier League has asked each club for £250,000 to send Richard Scudamore off with £5 million parting gift.

Santiago Solari has signed a contract with Real Madrid, keeping him as the manager until 2021.

Today’s longer read: Kim McCauley interviewed the Columbus Crew supporters that started the Save The Crew movement and succeeded when it seemed impossible for SB Nation