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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for Tuesday, November 20

This is how I process my feelings.

Crystal Palace v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Christopher Lee/Getty Images

Hello, Hoddlers.

I’m afraid I could not watch last night’s I’m a Celebrity, and I will ramble about my struggles.

Ramble of the Day

I feel like I’m about to waste a ramble, but it’s 11:19p Eastern Standard Time, and I’ve been waiting about five hours to watch Monday’s episode of I’m a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here. I’ll basically describe the process as waiting for something in the mail. You’re certain it’s going to come at a certain time, because that’s what happened last time. Sometimes, though, the mail services are running a bit late, and that’s fine. You have dinner to eat, and can probably squeeze in an episode of another television show in the meantime. (My choice: Madam Secretary.)

Suddenly, it’s 8:30p, and you go to check your mailbox. Nothing yet, but you’re not panicking. You’ve got some time and you haven’t had any spoilers yet. You remain patient, and enjoy time away from your laptop. Eventually, though, the minutes tick away. You decide to finish off the remaining chocolate chocolate chip ice cream in your freezer in the meantime. It was a flavor that ended up in the freezer by accident, but you don’t complain; it’s pretty tasty, and you’re sad when it’s all gone. It’s 9:45p. You can’t help but panic now.

You frantically go back to the virtual mailbox. Still nothing. You’ve only got about an hour if you want to go to bed at a decent hour, which you didn’t last night. It’s worth going to bed late for the mail, you tell yourself, but you know you’re running out of time. You need to know the contents of the mail by 2:30 in the morning, so you look for other ways to obtain the package. You’re out of luck because you’re unfamiliar with these methods. Your sisters tell you to just ramble about something else, and you decide they’re right. It doesn’t feel right rambling about something else, though. Not even a little bit.

You continue in your endless and fruitless search of alternative methods to get your package. One sister tells you that you should ramble about failing to receive your package in time. She’s right, and so at 11:28p, and after an internet detour about a footballer and infidelity, you’re writing this. You check the virtual mailbox one last time, and get the same answer. You hope the Hoddlers will understand, and believe they will. They’re a good group, and understand that it’s hard to watch things an ocean away. You wish the television structures weren’t like this, but you understand it and don’t spend too much time on it.

At the end, you come up with a plan as you look at the increasing word count. You decide to check again in the morning, and wipe away this entire ramble if your package arrives, updating it with a recap. You’re hopeful, partly because it’s 11:31p, and it was smart of you to do the links earlier and you’re still going to bed earlier than last night. Or so you think. You can’t remember.

tl;dr: Rambling my feelings.

Links of the Day

Spain, Portugal, and Morocco will together bid to host the 2030 men’s World Cup, and is set to go up against the Argentina-Paraguay-Uruguay bid, the England-Ireland-Northern Ireland-Scotland-Wales bid, and the Bulgaria-Greece-Romania-Serbia bid.

A report suggests that footballers in England’s professional leagues have lost more than £1 billion, with the PFA never providing resources for them to manage their money after retirement.

The English Football League has agreed a £595 million five-year deal with Sky starting next season.

Today’s longer read: Sandra E. Garcia writes the obituary Aldyr Schlee, the Brazilian professor who designed the classic Brazil home jersey for The New York Times