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Pick up six: Thicc Vin and other things we saw in this Spurs Uno video

Look close or you’ll miss an especially thicc cameo.

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We know that the Tottenham Hotspur squad has moved past Settlers of Catan in their social gaming circles and have been in full-blown Uno mode for at least a season. The Spurs players have been hosting 1-v-1 Uno tournaments, complete with fancy belts and everything. Moussa Sissoko is apparently a multiple-tournament winner. So is Christian Eriksen, by all accounts.

Well, they’re still going. Here’s a post from Dele Alli’s Instagram feed, and holy smokes is there a lot going on here.

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@sergeaurier couldn’t handle that

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The squad has fractured along Uno lines.

This is clearly a team in disarray. Dele, Erik Lamela, Eric Dier, and Lucas Moura have quite clearly formed an Uno Cabal in opposition to the potential tyranny of Serge Aurier and Moussa Sissoko, probably. It’s enough that Serge must vacate the changing room, defeated, while the winners taunt him repeatedly. Juan Foyth, meanwhile, is fine with the group celebration, but he obviously has some sort of line because when the Serge-taunting begins he quickly detaches himself and leaves the area.

Hugo Lloris, purple towel around his shoulder, is a neutral observer as it would do no good to have the club captain take sides. Danny Rose (filming for posterity) is just there for the lulz. We don’t know who the cameraman is, but since it ended up on Dele’s feed we can assume he’s on Team Dele. This squad is a fractured mess, and on the eve of the Champions League! Can Spurs survive? See tomorrow’s S-n for full details.

GK N’koudou is still a pot-stirrer

So Serge is hiding in the other room, and who goes to make sure he’s getting the Uno-dominated ribbing he deserves? Yep, GK. Should we expect anything different? I don’t know where GK fits in the Great Tottenham Uno Hierarchy, but it’s clear that he relishes his usual role of Instigator.

Is that... a Thicc Vin sighting?!

There are a lot of Spurs player cameos in this short video, but there’s also a special guest, if you look closely about eight seconds in. There, in the bottom right corner, wearing a flannel shirt.

Could it be...

Boy oh boy, that sure looks like Vincent Janssen, and if so it’d be the first confirmation that he’s actually still alive and at the training grounds. We certainly wouldn’t know from the official training photos Spurs puts out from time to time.

Unfortunately, that brief clip doesn’t give us much to go on except that it appears that he’s as much on the fringes of the Uno squad as he is the first team. Watch him sadly slink out of the frame, presumably back to whatever dungeon Mauricio Pochettino has him in. Poor Thicc Vin.