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MARCA: Tottenham slap €250m price on Christian Eriksen

Eriksen is finally starting to get attention from the Spanish press. Expect more of it.

Tottenham Hotspur v FC Internazionale - UEFA Champions League Group B Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

After years of seeming to fly under the radars of the biggest clubs in Europe, it seems Christian Eriksen is finally attracting the attention of the Spanish press. MARCA is now starting to write reports linking the Tottenham Hotspur midfielder to Real Madrid in what seems like the most obvious and easiest to write spurious transfer rumor ever, suggesting that the La Liga giants are targeting Eriksen as the long-term replacement for Luka Modric.

However, unlike most MARCA articles that have linked Spurs players to Madrid in the past, this one is pessimistic in tone, saying that Spurs chairman Daniel Levy has slapped a price of €250m on Eriksen’s head, essentially one that screams “go away and stop bothering me.”

Madrid see Eriksen as the ideal candidate to take their midfield forward and their belief is perhaps strengthened by the fact that Spurs is where they got Modric for just 35 million euros.

Daniel Levy won’t budge though, and he is demanding 250 million euros to lure his Danish gem away from north London.


It’s no longer surprising that Eriksen is showing up in transfer rumors, especially with the susurrus of Christian’s ongoing contract negotiations in the background. It’s also MARCA, so I have absolutely no expectation that the €250m price is accurate or even real. Spurs are now past the point where they can be bullied into selling their best players to whatever rich Spanish club wants them, unless the player himself is willing to go to the “jerk mattresses” to force the move. Thus far, it doesn’t seem that Eriksen is to that point yet.

It’s a silly rumor, but this is probably a harbinger of what we can expect in the future, especially the longer that Eriksen’s contract goes unsigned. MARCA doesn’t seem at all confident that Eriksen is in their price range, which is good, because I’d sure like to keep him forever. €250m would be a pretty decent consolation prize, though.