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Sunday football open thread

Now would be a good time to (temporarily) be a United fan.

Manchester United v BSC Young Boys - UEFA Champions League Group H Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Today I am a Manchester United fan. Shhh, I know, I know. That sounds weird to me too. But see, they play Liverpool at Anfield today and if they can somehow take points from or even (gasp) win then Spurs can narrow the gap or even go level with them on points. And then, as Carl Weathers would say, baby you got a stew goin’.

The best part is if Mourinho manages to Mourinho this up, then I can go right back to being dismissive and angry at United again. It’s win-win!

Also, Arsenal is on NBC Gold today. That’s worth a bit of schadenfreude as well.

Here’s your Sunday open thread.

Sunday Premier League match schedule

  • Southampton vs. Arsenal — 8:30 am (ET), 1:30 pm (UK) | NBC Sports Gold, Sky Sports Premier League/Main Event
  • Brighton vs. Chelsea — 8:30 am (ET), 1:30 pm (UK) | NBCSN
  • Liverpool vs. Manchester United — 11 am (ET), 4 pm (UK) | NBCSN, Sky Sports Premier League/Main Event