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Simulate the Champions League Round of 16 Draw

WARNING: simulation addictive, but probably not good for your mental state.

UEFA Champions League Trophy Tour presented by Heineken - Mexico City Photo by Hector Vivas/Getty Images

The draw for the Champions League Round of 16 will be held tomorrow in Nyon, Switzerland. Tottenham Hotspur, and it still feels good thinking about this, will be included in that draw, and will find out their opponent then.

As we noted in our draw preview, Spurs can basically draw one of six teams on Monday, due to their being in the group runners-up pot and the rules stating they can’t play teams from their federation, or their group stage opponents. Those teams are Real Madrid, PSG, Dortmund, Bayern Munich, Juventus, and Porto.

That means Spurs have a very good chance of drawing someone really scary, which we should probably expect in the Round of 16 anyway.

We did this before the group stage draw as well, but the same people who made up the draw simulator have updated it for the Round of 16. So if you want to pretend to be a thick-accented European drawing ping-pong balls out of a giant glass bowl... and then do it again until Spurs get the best possible draw just so you feel a little better, now you can.

I did this draw literally once and once only, and this was my result. I’ll take it.

That’ll do, Pig. That’ll do.