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Son Heung-Min’s second goal against Bournemouth is better set to “Yakkity Sax”

Hilarity all around!

Tottenham Hotspur v AFC Bournemouth - Premier League Photo by Alex Broadway/Getty Images

Out of the five goals that Tottenham Hotspur scored against Bournemouth at Wembley Stadium today, one in particular stands out due to its sheer hilarity. That would be Spurs’ fifth and last — a virtual soccer pinball play that started with Harry Kane moving into the box on a breakaway and ended with Sonny plonking in his second goal of the game.

But in the middle? That was pure comedy.

First Kane fell down trying to get a shot off. Danny Rose, who was RIGHT THERE, also falls down and can’t put it in. Kane somehow got up and passed to the top of the box where Lucas Moura was wide open, but his blast was saved by Asmir Begovic, who just managed to get upright in time to block it. That rebound was eventually bundled in by Sonny, who wheeled away in jubilation.

In the aftermath, we thought that goal should’ve been set to “Yakkity Sax,” the theme song to Benny Hill. We suggested so on Twitter. And boy, did Twitter ever come through.

If Sonny’s effort had not hit the back of the ol’ onion bag we might be a little bit more cranky about how everything went down. But maybe not, because Spurs were already up 3-0 at that point, and you should be able to laugh at your own club, right?

Thanks to Erik Kmetz for making our day. COYS.