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Unreliable sources link Fernando Llorente with January transfer to Spain and Turkey

These are really stupid sources and I kind of hope one of them is accurate!

Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur - Carabao Cup: Quarter Final Photo by Alex Morton/Getty Images

Can you hear the drums, Fernando? According to two conflicting sources, Fernando Llorente could be on the move away from Tottenham Hotspur in January, but nobody’s quite sure to where yet.

So, it’s important to say right from the gate that these are both super unreliable sources that normally we wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole. However, IDK about you but I’m starved for transfer rumors, so I’m donning my pith helmet and leading an expedition into the wilds of bat country.

The first comes from the Turkish footballing media. I’ve never heard of the Turkish Star, but if it’s anything like England’s Daily Star then that may give you an idea of the level of discourse we’re talking about here. It says that Tottenham’s management are set to sit down with Galatasaray to hammer out a deal worth a whopping €1m to take the Basque beauty to Turkey. That site also says Llorente is on the radar of Olympiakos as well.

The Turkish media literally makes shit up, so it’s best not to dwell too hard on this rumor. The best part about it though is that if it’s true he’ll join a team that also features Brazilian midfielder Fernando, late of Manchester City. ALL THE FERNANDOS!

The other rumor — still unreliable but at least a bit more plausible than the last — is from MARCA, which suggests that Atletico Madrid is still very interested in bringing Llorente back to his old club. Llorente is on record as saying he’d like to return to La Liga, and to Atletico, and why not? There’s the thought that while he may not have much gas left in the tank he can drive a bit further in Spain than he will in England. MARCA says the club with make a final decision in the coming days as to whether to initiate talks with Spurs.

If Nando does leave us, it won’t be for a large transfer fee, though the €1m fee from the Turkish Star seems pretty lol to me. The value in offloading Llorente in January has less to do with getting a fee and more with offloading his £75k/week in wages. And if he doesn’t go in January, he’ll leave for free this summer, so it’s probably in Tottenham’s interest to get whatever they can for him now, if there’s an interested club.

So: stupid rumors, but the idea of Llorente leaving in January is definitely plausible. And if doing so will free up some seat-cushion change for at least one January signing, that’s a win for everybody.