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Lucas Moura needs a song, and we’ve got suggestions

It’s not Amore, it’s a-Moura!

2017 EPL Premier League Huddersfield v Tottenham Sep 30th Photo by Mark Cosgrove/Action Plus via Getty Images

Just about every Tottenham Hotspur player has a terrace song. Usually they’re set to repurposed popular song tunes. Dele Alli’s song is set to Achy, Breaky Heart by Billy Ray Cyrus. Mousa Dembele’s is Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes. Heck, even Moussa Sissoko has is own song, set to Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go by WHAM.

Now that he’s here, Lucas Moura needs a song. And we have some suggestions.

After discussion in the writer’s chat and soliciting some help online, we’ve unilaterally decided that Lucas’ song should obviously be set to That’s Amore, by Harry Warren, popularized by Dean Martin.

But what lyrics to sing? Well, we have some ideas for that too.

Lyrics specifically about Lucas

  • Who’s that Spur on the right / he is faster than light / Lucas Moura
  • He’s got Brazilian skill / dribbles right past Özil / That’s-a Moura!
  • He will run into space / with his blistering pace / Lucas Moura
  • Dribbling skills, fast attack / losing hair in the back / That’s-a Moura!

We weren’t the only ones to have this idea. Here’s one of the better ones we found on Twitter.

It’s also fun to have a little fun at your own expense. Why just talk about the new guy when you can also make it at least partially about the club in general?

Self-depricating lyrics about Tottenham

  • When there’s snow in the sky / but you must sign a guy / Lucas Moura
  • We just got a deal done / for some dude in Ligue Un / Lucas Moura
  • Newport County will quake / at the sub that we make / Lucas Moura
  • When you’re building to last / sign a guy who’s real fast / Lucas Moura!

But hey, maybe you’re not so happy about this particular signing. Maybe you are ready for a managerial change. Or maybe you’re just rabidly #againstmodernfootball. Well, we made a category for you too.

Taking the piss

  • Levy’s bad Poch’s a fraud / but let’s strengthen the squad / Lucas Moura
  • When your manager sucks / go sign Townsend redux / Lucas Moura
  • We’ve got no transfer clout / sell the club, #LEVYOUT / Please, no More-a!

Got any other ideas? Put your lyrics or alternate songs/chants in the comments!