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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News and Links for Monday, February 12

Let’s talk about other sports!

Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal - Premier League Photo by Robbie Jay Barratt - AMA/Getty Images

Hi, all!

That was a nice result over the weekend, was it not? Anyway, before the ramble begins, I would like to share a video of Tim Sherwood doing his thing.

Ramble of the Day

Speaking of the weekend, I spent a large part of it watching the Winter Olympics, like many others. Watching the Winter Olympics is an experience unlike most other sporting events.

During this large sporting event, probably more than any other, I am more impressed than usual at the athletic accomplishments. It is not like I watch other sports and do not find the athletes to be talented or their feats difficult; it is just that, with winter sports, there is that question: How do you not constantly break your bones doing this?

I was watching men’s snowboard slopestyle when this question first occurred to me. The twists in the air were simply incredible. What is more incredible is that all of them, from my knowledge, walked away without any broken bones. That sort of thinking extended to my viewing of men’s singles luge and all of the weekend’s figure skating.

Figure skating, much like snowboarding, brings another sort of dissonance. As someone who is impressed at the fact that these athletes come out of these events still being able to walk, I tend to find almost all of the performances well done. The funniest part happens to be, after I tell someone in the room that the athlete did a really good job, when the commentator drops the word “disastrous” or said the performances “was a bit rough.” I suppose I’m easy to please.

Other sports that impressed me:

  • Skiathalon - I was impressed by the endurance of the athletes, and also Norway’s Simen Hegstad Krueger, fell during the opening lap and was 36 seconds behind the leader at one point, only to win the gold medal with an eight second lead.
  • Curling - Their shoes that are not ice skates but still work on ice.

I am prepared to continued to marvel at these athletes over the course of the next two weeks.

tl;dr: The Winter Olympians are amazing.

Links of the Day

Antonio Conte has called his attempts to get the players he wants at Chelsea “a disaster.”

Carlos Cordeiro is the new U.S. Soccer president.

Today’s longer read: The title, “The dark side of the transfer window,” says it all.