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WATCH: Michael Dawson really enjoyed Tottenham’s 2-2 Champions League draw with Juventus

Oh Captain, my Captain!

Sky Sports didn’t have the rights to show the 2-2 Champions League draw between Juventus and Tottenham Hotspur today in Turin, but they did what they often do and basically have pundits do live commentary talking about the various games. And because it’s Tottenham we’re talking about, they brought in an old friend: current Hull City player and former Tottenham Hotspur club captain Michael Dawson.

And he seemed to really enjoy watching his old club get two away goals in Italy! Big thanks to Jake Colton (@jcolts1) who got this up on Twitter.

Bless this man. Spurs pretty much outgrew him a few years back, but he was an integral part of Tottenham’s back line the LAST time Spurs made it this far in the Champions League. Look at him react to Christian Eriksen’s equalizing goal! Just look at that big ol’ goofy grin! He’s so happy! I love him so much.

Idea: let’s put Daws in the booth for all Tottenham games from now until eternity.