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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News and Links for Wednesday, February 14

Happy made up holiday!

Christian Eriksen of Tottenham Hotspur FC celebrates with... Photo by Nicolò Campo/LightRocket via Getty Images

Hi, Hoddlers!

What a result last night! Maybe I will have pasta later to celebrate. (Also, maybe I will not. Who knows?) I have a ramble prepared for you that goes with the theme of today’s fake holiday, though I did not plan on it. Shall we?

Ramble of the Day

Today, I will take you to the land of Major League Soccer, currently the home of no former Tottenham players. Anyway, for Valentine’s Day, the league’s social team has provided templates for anyone who wants to make valentines about certain MLS players.

(Those are not very good. I know.)

One of the players that made the cut this year is Atlanta United’s Josef Martínez, who posed like this for photoshoppers the world ‘round (or just in the United States and Canada, really) to have a bit of fun with.

It looks like a job well done, but Martínez was unhappy with it.

The forward spoke to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution through a translator yesterday, revealing just how dissatisfied he was.

That was a photo that we were just joking around and they never told me it was going to go out. I’m not taking it seriously.

He then continued to answer questions about the image, at one point telling his translator to say what he said or he would say it himself. This is what was eventually told to reporters:

The next one, if it’s a photo like that, it will be without clothes.

Per Doug Robertson’s report, the crowd laughed, but Martínez would not even crack a smile. The club eventually requested that the league take down the photograph, and MLS eventually issued an apology through the newspaper.

Now that I have told the story, I just realized that Martínez is probably not pleased with the fact that I have shared that picture. Sorry!

Links of the Day

West Brom have fired their chairman and chief executive just months after they fired Tony Pulis and hired Alan Pardew.

Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy would rather Neymar stay at Paris Saint-Germain than join Real Madrid.

Alexandre Lacazette will miss six weeks after undergoing knee surgery.

David Squires’ newest cartoon takes a look at the sport’s London based clubs.

Today’s longer read: a profile on Graham Potter, the Englishman coaching Östersunds FK.