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Tottenham will not be the home team if they reach the FA Cup semis

Wembley Stadium is a neutral venue in the FA Cup, and will remain that way if Spurs make it there.

Harry Kane Scores 100th Premier League Goal For Tottenham Hotspur Photo by Miles Willis/Getty Images for Nike

Tottenham are potentially two (or three) games away from making the FA Cup semifinals for the second consecutive year, but despite playing their home matches at Wembley Stadium, they will not be afforded home team privileges should they make it that far in the competition.

According to the Independent, should Spurs progress to the semi-finals in April, which they will do if they win their replay against League 1 Rochdale and beat the winner of the replay between Sheffield Wednesday and Swansea City, it will not be considered a home match for Spurs. This means they would not necessarily receive their “home team” changing room facilities, and the ticket allocations will be evenly split between Spurs fans and supporters of their opponents.

This makes sense. Although Spurs are leasing use of Wembley for their home games in the Premier League while they finish construction of their stadium, it’s still the national stadium, and as such is considered a neutral venue for purposes of the FA Cup. Tottenham may still have the benefit of familiarity, having played so many matches at Wembley this season, but they would not necessarily have the home pitch advantage when it comes to facilities and support.

It’s probably not the time to be looking ahead to the semi-finals when Spurs haven’t even been able to put away their fifth round opponent yet. However, with Spurs receiving a favorable draw — away to Wednesday or Swansea is a heck of a lot better than, say, away to City — it’s not unreasonable to think that they have a very good chance of making it back to the semifinals. If they do, while Wembley won’t be “home,” it will still be very, very familiar.