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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News and Links for Wednesday, February 28

I listened to a podcast!

Crystal Palace v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Hello, everyone!

Let’s get to business.

Ramble of the Day

I was not paid to recommend anything (unfortunately), but here I go, recommending things.

I spent a lot of time on public transportation yesterday, and decided to listen to some podcasts in my spare time. I must note that “some podcasts” is actually just one podcast. That podcast is Set Piece Menu, featuring presenter Hugh Ferris, journalist Rory Smith, commentator Steven Wyeth, and analyst and former player Andy Hinchcliffe. They talk about football while eating, which is awesome and how I would totally do a podcast, but also makes me hungry sometimes.

I went through three episodes yesterday, and they’re all about 40 minutes each, which basically makes me widen my eyes at how much time I spent on trains yesterday. Anyway, what I enjoy about them is their topics of choice. They’re brainy and a bit philosophical about football in an incredibly entertaining way. For example, their latest episode (or one of them, since I listened to three in two sittings) was about what the best type of goal is. (My answer: awkward goals, like Gareth Bale’s goal against Wigan in 2013 when he scored from a botched clearance.)

It’s the only podcast I listen to relatively regularly, since I haven’t really gotten into the podcast thing yet. (It’s just me; I do not have any particular hot takes about podcasts in general.)

Anyway, I’ve been watching tv while doing this and I forgot my conclusion, so there is no conclusion!

Links of the Day

Samir Nasri has been given a six-month suspension by UEFA for doping.

Neymar’s going to be out for six to eight weeks.

Lower league clubs are not happy with the idea of a winter break for Premier League clubs.

There’s another David Squires cartoon out, this one about the Carabao Cup final and political prisoners.

Today’s longer read: Sam Borden of ESPN reports that the joint United States-Mexico-Canada bid for the 2026 World Cup may be in jeopardy.