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Liverpool’s Lallana ejected after choking Tottenham youngster in U23 match

And he’s likely to escape any suspension in the Premier League for it too.

Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool: Premier league 2
Liverpool’s Adam Lallana and Tottenham U23 midfielder George Marsh battle for a ball before Lallana choked the 19 year old because reasons.
Photo by Alex Morton/Getty Images

Well, this is something you don’t see every day. Yesterday, Liverpool first team midfielder Adam Lallana was ejected during a U23 match between Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur when the midfielder put his hands around the neck of 19-year old Tottenham academy product George Marsh after a hard challenge.

Lallana was playing with Liverpool’s U23s as he attempts to regain fitness while coming back from a long term thigh injury that has kept him out most of the season. During the match, Lallana and Marsh came together rather hard as they both jumped to challenge for a ball. Lallana took immediate offense and rushed over to Marsh, putting him in a virtual headlock from behind and pushing his head down.

Naturally, he was red carded for his actions because seriously, who the hell does that in a U23 match?! It was the textbook definition of violent conduct.

Is there video of this absolutely bonkers incident, you ask? Why yes. Yes there is.

The craziest thing about this incident is not just that the 29-year old Lallana would lose it like that and just flat-out attack a youth player, but that it happened after what really shouldn’t be considered that hard of a foul. And because life isn’t fair and everything is bad, Lallana will be suspended for three games, but only applied to U23 matches, meaning Jurgen Klopp is free to select him for the Premier League should he desire. Because that makes total sense.

“I’ve never seen Adam react like that,” said Liverpool manager Neil Critchley. Ya think?

Liverpool had another player sent off just before time and finished the match with nine men; Tottenham U23s won the game 1-0 off of a goal from promising midfielder Jack Roles.