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WATCH: Thierry Henry interviews Tottenham’s Son Heung-Min

Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester United - Premier League Photo by Chris Brunskill Ltd/Getty Images

Some of you might have seen this already, but this is worth a watch if you have a few minutes today. This is a video excerpt from an interview between Tottenham Hotspur’s Son Heung-Min and Arsenal legend Thierry Henry, and it’s pretty interesting.

I’ll be honest: Arsenal legend or not, I quite like Thierry Henry, especially now that he’s hung up his boots. In the years since his retirement, Henry has turned into a pretty fantastic interviewer and profiler of the modern game of football. You might remember last year when Henry interviewed Harry Kane just ahead of the North London Derby. The results of an Arsenal and Tottenham legend meeting and just talking about football was incredibly entertaining. Henry is warm, affable, and funny.

This particular video is short, but it gives you a few insights into Sonny’s life at Tottenham now that he’s been here a few years.

  1. His English has improved remarkably! I remember seeing SpursTV videos in his first year when it looked like he was competent, but struggling to get his ideas across in English. Now, he’s very good in what is essentially his third language after Korean and German.
  2. I was struck by Sonny’s admission that he nearly left Spurs after his first season and that Mauricio Pochettino gave him a choice, but that he ultimately decided to stay. I’m glad he did — he’s turned into one of my favorite players on this Spurs team.