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Saturday football open thread

What better way to soothe a Juventus defeat than by watching Liverpool and/or United drop points?

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Liverpool v Manchester United - Premier League Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Happy Saturday, Spurs fans! I’ve got some good news today: no matter what happens, at least one of Liverpool and Manchester United will drop points today. That’s because they play each other in the early Premier League game at Old Trafford.

Normally I’d be all Come On You Draw but I think long term it’s better for Spurs if United lose than if Liverpool does. Maybe it’s just me being pessimistic, but even though they’re only two points behind in the table, with the way they’re playing I’m not convinced Spurs can overtake Liverpool this season. Spurs are, however, better than United, and every opportunity God gives us for United to drop points is a good thing.

Yeah, I felt a little dirty typing that.

Here’s your open thread for the Saturday league matches. Don’t forget to change your clocks up an hour for daylight savings time tonight!

Saturday Premier League Schedule