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Brazil to use Tottenham Hotspur training ground ahead of World Cup

Does that mean we can keep Fred? I think that’s how this works.

Brazil Training Session - 2014 FIFA World Cup Photo by Buda Mendes/Getty Images

There will be an international club training at Hotspur Way ahead of the World Cup this summer, and no, it’s not the Three Lions. According to Tottenham’s website and social media, the Brazilian national team will train at Tottenham’s facilities leading up to the World Cup in Russia this summer.

Brazil will start training at Spurs’ ground on May 28 as they prepare for the final tuneups before the World Cup kicks off in June. Brazil will play Croatia on June 3 at a match in England (venue yet to be determined) and also will travel to play Austria in Vienna the week following. The World Cup kicks off on June 14.

With one of the newest and best training facilities in England, it’s no wonder that Spurs are attracting some of the biggest teams in world football. England has used Spurs’ training ground in the past in lieu of the training center at St. George’s Park, and Spurs recently completed accommodations that are among the best of any club in world football.

This is probably lucrative monetarily for Tottenham, but it might also have side benefits. No doubt Mauricio Pochettino and the Spurs coaching staff will be able to get a look at the way Brazil train, for one.

Also, consider for example if a young, talented Brazilian player who is thinking of making a move to the Premier League were to train at some very, very nice training ground in North London and had a good experience, might that make them just a wee bit more amenable to consider Spurs when speaking with his agent? I think that’s how this is supposed to work. Looking at you, Fred. Come to Tottenham.