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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News and Links for Tuesday, March 20

Long videos to distract you from the things you actually have to do!

Swansea City v Tottenham Hotspur - The Emirates FA Cup Quarter Final Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

Hi, everyone!

If you wanted to distract yourself for 20 to 90 minutes today, or over a period of time, you’re in luck!

Ramble of the Day

A few days ago, one of the nice people that also writes for this website shared a video with the group. It is a pretty spectacular video, though I must warn you all: It is 20 minutes long.

For starters, the surgical resident does a great job of breaking things down in a very entertaining way. She starts off with a bang, grabbing your attention after only 40 seconds. Additionally, I like that Grey’s Anatomy made it into the video on multiple occasions, considering I always found that show to be unrealistic.

I do love hearing critiques of certain professions/procedures from experts in the field, which includes watching lawyer shows with my older sister with the purpose of asking her how realistic things are. The latest entry in the series of watching lawyer shows with a lawyer was ABC’s We the People, and she, of course, had opinions. She found the procedural stuff to be hit and miss, the speed of the case to be unrealistically fast, that the protagonist ended up with a major case as her first was also incredibly impractical, and some of the choices made by the prosecutors to not make sense. I do not know if we will watch again.

(Also, they should do one of these videos with a lawyer, though I am unsure if playing 15 to 30 second clips will be sufficient for legal analysis.)

Anyway, it turns out there are more in the series, so I checked out another one yesterday, one that is very important to me.

One of the biggest things that distracts me while watching a film or a television show is a bad accent. If I hear the actor’s accent falter once, I wait for it to happen again and again and again. If I am watching with other people, I always point it out, and if I am not, I might say it out loud anyway. That is frequently how I found out that actors are putting on accents; they usually mess up.

The video is worth watching for some of the very bad accents. There are some good ones, too, and credit must go where it is due, but we are talking about me, enjoyer of the hilariously bad. I, of course, enjoyed the bad ones, including what is probably the worst film accent ever from Kevin Costner in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, who apparently was attempting to do an English accent. Surprisingly, Michael Fassbender did not make the list, though he has seriously struggled in the past.

The most impressed I have ever been with an actor’s accent, though, was watching a short-lived show on USA Network, Sirens. (I’ve just found out there is a British version, though I’ve heard the American version is “loosely based” off of the British one.) The actress that played Theresa Kelly, Jessica McNamee, did a spectacular job with the accent that I did not find out she was Australian until months after the first season ended. I spent the entire second season waiting for the accent to falter; it did not.

There are two more that I have yet to check out, but I hope they do many more.

tl;dr: I enjoyed the videos above, especially the second one, and I think they should do more.

Links of the Day

Fiorentina will name their training ground after Davide Astori.

Liverpool player Georginio Wijnaldum thinks it is a three way race between Kevin De Bruyne, Harry Kane, and Mohamed Salah for this season’s Player of the Year award.

Today’s longer read: Sam Clucas on dealing with criticism, rising through the ranks, and Carlos Carvalhal, as told by Stuart James for The Guardian