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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News and Links for Monday, April 2

A very happy Monday to you all.

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Chelsea v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Hello, everybody!

Yesterday’s match was pretty good, wasn’t it? I hate to change the topic, but since I have already committed to telling you all when it snows in my part of the world, I must share that it is going to snow again today. In April! And the worst part is, it is going to snow again later in the week.

Anyway, here’s a little ramble about random things that I do not mind you all skipping over to talk about the match and/or ignore because you are possibly enjoying an extended holiday weekend.

Ramble of the Day

Here is a weird habit of mine: When I’m using my laptop, I always have to have a pen nearby, frequently in hand. I actually just put a pen down right now, one I got for my birthday two years ago.

I did not ask for the pen, which is made by Kate Spade and came in a pack of five, for my birthday. My older sister just decided to be fancy for my birthday, and I am very appreciative. I do not use it a lot because it is a special pen. In fact, I am a bit particular about my pen usage. I like to use one until the ink runs out, and then move on to the next one, never going out of order. The only time I ever broke this rule was when I was at school, considering people would ask to borrow them from time to time. I would give them the currently in use pen, because if they did not give it back, I was not losing a new pen. I would always then do my work with a new pen, and if I got the old pen back, would use the old pen until the ink ran out.

The best thing about this pack of five pens is that they are brightly colored on the outside, but have black ink on the inside. Black ink is my preference, and has been since probably before my tenth birthday. I do love a colorful package, though, and these pens certainly deliver. (The one currently by my side is red on the outside, though there are blue, green, and purple, and pink ones.)

There is a place in my life, though, for pens with colorful ink. I actually asked for two or three colorful pens for Christmas a few months ago to make some of my handwritten things a bit more colorful. My younger sister then surprised me with 12 different colors on the day, as they came in a set at the MUJI store. For these pens, I have instituted a rotation, in which I use a different pen each week. (This week’s pen is orange.)

Is this all a bit weird? Most likely, but I have accepted it. I just love pens so much.

tl;dr: I love pens, and am very particular about their usage.

Links of the Day

On the theme of yesterday’s victory, here is Érik Lamela talking about the time he stepped on Cesc Fàbregas’s hand and other things.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic marked his LA Galaxy debut with two goals. The first one is really worth watching.

Today’s longer read: The New York Times’ Rory Smith on Jack Cork, the only midfielder who has played every minute in the Premier League so far this season