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Dele Alli played video games online and 35k people watched him do it

All hail delstroyer14.

Real Madrid came from behind to beat Bayern Munich 2-1 in the first leg of their Champions League semifinal today in Munich, but Dele Alli wasn’t watching. That’s because he was busy playing video games with his buddies and streaming the session live on the internet instead of watching the match, and it made me love him even more.

Dele made his internet gaming debut this evening, playing a bunch of team PvP games of Fortnite: Battle Royale with three of his friends and streaming it on Dele’s stream, which was broadcast on his channel, quickly made the rounds on social media and at its peak Dele and his pals had over 35k viewers.

Including Cartilage Free Captain. I had the stream on in the background of my computer at work and while I wasn’t watching the video much of the time (day job!), I could clearly hear Dele and his friend chatting in the background.

Some observations:

  1. His username is delstroyer14 which is just so perfect I can’t stand it.
  2. His Fortnite badge is a wolf’s head which means he’s either in House Stark or we’re selling him to Roma this summer.
  3. It’s not immediately clear who he was playing with, but one of them we think was George Williams, Dele’s former teammate at MKDons, and another was definitely Kyle Walker-Peters. That was interesting, because Dele spent much of the session taking the absolute piss out of KWP, including saying how he almost took Kyle’s head off with a scissor kick in training.
  4. Some other highlight quotes: “I see [Kyle] sitting at training just staring at Messi’s insta.” “Kyle Walker-Peters, my back is sore from carrying you.” “I could definitely take Shayon (Harrison).”
  5. Dele’s been doing this a long time, apparently, because he’s like level 92 or something like that. That’s insane. I’ve been playing Fortnite off and on for weeks and I’m only at level 20.
  6. He may be a great teammate on the football pitch, but Dele’s a big ol’ troll online. He’s definitely not afraid to poach the best weapons ahead of his buds and gets annoyed when any team action doesn’t benefit him personally. I also saw him throw a remote bomb in the middle of his teammates and detonate it while running away giggling.
  7. That said, he’s an absolute wizard when it comes to building fortifications. He referred to himself as an “architect” due to how fast he can build. It’s pretty impressive.
  8. He mentioned that he can’t get Christian Eriksen to play anymore, and he’s going to try and get Sonny online to play online with him sometime, and I really really really really REALLY hope that happens.

I’m not saying I watched all two hours of Dele playing video games online, but I’m not saying I didn’t do that either. I’m sure I missed some juicy quotes, too. Put your favorite bits in the comments.