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Davinson Sanchez to be featured on Fox Soccer’s “Phenoms” series

An inside look at our Colombian center half.

Chelsea v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League

Tottenham Hotspur are preparing for the final run-in for the 2018 season, hoping to secure a position in the top four and lock down Champions League football for next season at the new *White Hart Lane. One of the players who has had a big role in shaping this season’s outcomes is newcomer Davinson Sanchez, who Spurs broke their record transfer fee in the summer to bring the Colombian International over from Ajax.

Sanchez looks to be the real deal, and Fox Sports have recognized that he’s going to be one of the big names for years down the road when it comes to center backs. The American outlet have decided to feature him on an upcoming episode of their Phenoms series. Normally I’d have an embed of the video for you, but Fox Sports apparently doesn’t like embedding! So, here’s a direct link to the preview on YouTube.

Shows like this are always great to watch. I love seeing how a player was brought up, how they picked up the game, and where they managed to get their big breaks. For Sanchez, this appears to focus a lot on his time growing up in Colombia and at Ajax, but that last bit flashing ahead to his time at Tottenham is really cool.

The show premieres on Fox Sports on May 25th.