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Chelsea’s Cahill calls Tottenham lead insurmountable

“If you’re asking me if Tottenham are going to drop eight points plus, it is not going to happen.”

Tottenham Hotspur v Chelsea - Premier League Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

Nobody’s saying that Tottenham have clinched top four in this year’s Premier League campaign. Past history aside, we would never invite the twin demons of #narrative and #spursiness willingly back into our lives by claiming such a thing. That’d be chanting “David Bentley” three times while standing in front of a mirror at midnight — haven’t you seen the movies?

But there is one person who thinks otherwise. Chelsea club captain Gary Cahill has pretty much thrown in the towel at the idea of the Blues catching Spurs this season with six games to go.

“If you’re asking me if Tottenham are going to drop eight points plus, it is not going to happen. A good team is not going to let that kind of lead slip.”

”We’ve done it before when we were top of the league, it doesn’t slip. If you’re a good side, which they are, it doesn’t slip. I will be very, very doubtful if that is the situation. The way that me and my team-mates play, we don’t give up on anything, but we know that the season hasn’t gone to plan.

”The league is where it is at the minute and we have the FA Cup to rescue the season. The season is about trying to win the FA Cup.”

I see what you’re doing, GARY. You’re trying to lure Spurs into a false sense of security, so they let their guard down. Spurs will then lose to City, Watford, and West Brom, setting the stage for a dramatic home draw with Leicester (92’ headed equalizer, Robert Huth) that allows a resurgent Chelsea to juuuuuuust pip Spurs for fourth, whereupon Pochettino leaves the club for Real Madrid, Spurs have a fire sale for Kane, Eriksen, and Son, and a giant sinkhole opens up under Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

I see you and your Mourinho-esque mind games in here, GARY. It won’t work.