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Sevilla, Fenerbahce, Besiktas all interested in Tottenham’s Janssen

Janssen will probably have a new permanent home this summer, and it looks like a couple of clubs are interested.

VI-Images via Getty Images

Remember Vincent Janssen? He spent the season on loan at Fenerbahce after completely flaming out at Tottenham Hotspur in 2016-17. That loan wasn’t exactly the best use of his time either — he scored five goals for Fener this season but spent a good chunk of the season with a broken foot. His return at the end of the season was mostly mop-up minutes as an impact substitute.

Thicc Vin doesn’t really have much of a future at Tottenham anymore, so the club will almost certainly look to move him on to another club, either permanently or via another loan. Thankfully if you’re Janssen, it appears there are a couple of clubs that look interested, and one of them is Sevilla. According to Estadio Deportivo, an Andalucian sports website, Janssen is attracting the interest of the Palaganas along with Besiktas and Fener, who could try and sign him permanently.

If you think Janssen might yet come good (if not at Spurs), having him end up with a Sevilla team that finished seventh in La Liga but made a run to the Champions League quarterfinals isn’t a bad landing.

I have no idea as to the veracity of these rumors. It’s not a source I’m especially familiar with, and it could be complete #batcountry for all I know. What I do know is that Vincent Janssen is probably never going to take the pitch for Spurs ever again, and so it probably doesn’t really matter where he ends up as long as Spurs are able to sell him and get a halfway decent transfer fee. Still a little sad it never worked out for him, though.