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Agent says Mousa Dembele will decide his Tottenham future after the World Cup

Moose has already said it, and now his agent has confirmed it: Dembele won’t sign a new contract at Spurs right now.

Stoke City v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Tony Marshall/Getty Images

Mousa Dembele has already said publicly that he would decide his future in club football after this summer’s World Cup, which has led to ample speculation that he’s likely to be sold this summer. Now his agent has confirmed it.

Tom De Mul spoke to Dutch football outlet and confirmed that Moose will not sign a new contract at Tottenham Hotspur immediately, but will evaluate all of his options after this summer’s international tournament in Russia.

“Mousa has another one year contract with Tottenham, he has played a fantastic season and there is a lot going on around him. There is a lot of interest inside and outside of Europe. We are waiting for the World Cup and I hope he plays in Russia, because he deserves that after such a peak season.

Avoid a difficult last year avoid [Toby] Alderweireld? For the time being, Mousa does not sign.”

That seems to leave the door open that Dembele could sign a contract extension with Tottenham at the end of the window, but it doesn’t seem likely. He still has a one year deal on his existing contract, but it sure seems like he’s ready for a new challenge at the tail end of his career in a league that might not be as overtly strenuous as the Premier League. He’s been linked with Juventus as well as a move to China.

Either way, don’t expect this to be resolved anytime soon. If anything, Spurs should be planning to move on without him, and it should surprise no one if he’s sold before the start of the season.