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Tottenham Hotspur Season in Review: Goalkeepers

It was the Hugo Show again this season, but all three of Spurs’ keepers got some minutes.

Tottenham Hotspur Training Session and Press Conference Photo by Alex Pantling/Getty Images

We are continuing our year-end series evaluating the Tottenham Hotspur first team players in 2017-18. Up next: the goalkeepers.

Hugo Lloris

Appearances: 43
Conceded: 43
Saves: 86
Clean Sheets: 16

Hugo Lloris entered the season as Tottenham Hotspur’s club captain and it’s starting goalkeeper and he leaves the season in the same manner. It’s perhaps a testament to what an amazing presence he has been between the sticks for Tottenham since his arrival that he had a very good season and still somehow it managed to feel ever so slightly like a disappointment. Lloris conceded six more goals than in 2016-17 and had one less clean sheet in the same amount of games, which is more or less a statistical wash.

But for what feels like the first time, Hugo had a series of high-profile mistakes that led to concessions or big chances from the opposition, and that at times overshadowed the many (many) more brilliant saves he had over the course of the season and causing some to wonder if maybe the years are starting to catch up to him. I say: hogwash. Mistakes happen, seasons ebb and flow. And while Lloris didn’t have a season like David De Gea (to be fair, nobody did), he was perfectly solid enough even if it seemed like he took the tiniest of steps backwards. He is Tottenham’s club captain and a huge reason why Spurs are as good as they are. Long may that continue.

Rating: 4 Chirpys

Michel Vorm

Appearances: 11 (7 FA Cup, 2 EFL Cup, 1 UCL, 1 PL)
Conceded: 10
Clean Sheets: 5

You don’t usually ask for much when it comes to your backup keeper, especially when your primary keeper is someone like Hugo Lloris. Be a safe pair of hands, be on call for the cups, and try not to screw things up too egregiously. That’s basically Vorm’s season in a nutshell. In what was probably his Tottenham Hotspur swan song (his contract expires this summer), he wast Spurs’ cup keeper, starting every game in the League and FA Cups, captained the squad in the Champions League vs. APOEL, and had one Premier League start - a 1-1 draw against Southampton when Hugo was out sick.

Vorm isn’t Hugo — he doesn’t have his agility or reflexes. He’s also made a couple of mistakes -- he was (rightfully?) criticized for his performance in the FA Cup semifinal loss vs. Chelsea. But he’s been perfectly adequate when called upon, and that’s not nothing. If he does move on this summer, he will have left as a good servant to the club.

Rating: 3 Chirpys

Paulo Gazzaniga

Appearances: 1 (PL)
Conceded: 0
Clean Sheets: 1

Paulo Gazzaniga is a mystery. He played exactly one game: a 1-0 win over Crystal Palace when both Lloris and Vorm missed the match. He was fine. He is also from Murphy, the same town in Argentina where Mauricio Pochettino grew up. That’s all I’ve got.

Gazza is reportedly doing fine in training and is probably going to move up to be Hugo’s primary backup next season if Vorm moves on or retires. We have an extremely small sample size to look at, but based on that one game he played he seems like he’s probably up to the challenge.

Rating: NR