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Owner Shahid Khan says Ryan Sessegnon will not leave Fulham this summer

As we suspected. On to other targets.

Aston Villa v Fulham - Sky Bet Championship Play Off Final Photo by Alex Morton/Getty Images

Ryan Sessegnon is a Premier League player, but he will be playing for Fulham next season, according to the club’s owner. According to the Times (£), the 18-year old phenom will not be sold to another club this summer but will instead stay with the Cottagers and help them stay up in their first Premier League season since 2014.

“We don’t want Sessegnon leaving. I don’t think he wants to go. He’s going to be at Fulham for the coming year, leading us into the Premier League. Frankly, if we had not been promoted, well, we have a responsibility to our players.

”He’s been there since he was eight. We want to do the right thing for him and he is Fulham through and through. He is going to be there next season.”

This is pretty much confirmation of what we’ve known all along. It’s been suggested for weeks now that Fulham were very likely to resist offers to sell Sessegnon if they went up. Now that they have, he is worth much more to the club this coming season than he is on the open market. That doesn’t mean that he won’t be sold eventually, just that he won’t be sold this season.

I’ll be honest and say that I really wanted Sessegnon, but I can’t really blame Fulham for wanting to keep ahold of Sess. He is Fulham’s Harry Kane, just a lot younger. As Spurs fans, remember how irritated we all were when Kane was continually linked to other Premier League clubs? The circumstances between Fulham with Sess and Tottenham with Kane aren’t anywhere near the same, but the sentiment is: he’s one of their own and they want to keep him around as much as possible. Fair enough.

So on to other targets! If Spurs are looking for a left back, Tom Cairney Kiernan Tierney is still at Celtic, and there are no doubt some decent options on the continent. If they’re looking for a young, wide midfielder, Anthony Martial and Christian Pulisic are both excellent options. The future still looks bright.