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Christian Eriksen’s agent claims “several” clubs interested in him

But never mind that HE’S GOING TO BE A FATHER!

Tottenham Hotspur v Leicester City - Premier League Photo by Henry Browne/Getty Images

Christian Eriksen is back in the transfer news today thanks to his agent, who claimed in the media that Tottenham Hotspur aren’t the only ones who remain interested in the midfielder.

Eriksen has been widely tipped to sign a new, improved contract with Spurs early in this transfer window as the club tries to lock down its biggest and best stars to new deals before the World Cup. However, according to the Evening Standard, it sounds as though Eriksen might not be as under the radar as we hoped.

Martin Schoots said the following about interest for Spurs’ Danish Dynamite:

“The only thing I can say is that concerning the interest of several clubs in Christian is that we prefer not to comment. “Christian wants to focus completely on the World Cup - just as he did before on qualifying for the Champions League with Spurs.”

That sounds worrying! But it probably isn’t. The fact that Spurs haven’t already announced Eriksen’s new, improved Tottenham contract implies that the two sides are still negotiating. Taken in that context, Eriksen’s agent coming out publicly and saying that — oh hey, guess what, there are other clubs that like my client too! — smacks of a negotiation ploy more than a serious intent by Christian to switch clubs. And with two years left on his deal, Spurs probably have no intention of selling him this summer. It’s in Eriksen’s interest to sign a new deal; he just wants the best deal he can possibly get.

If you’d like more anxiety-inducing possibilities on this Friday, though, here’s one: Eriksen may choose to wait to decide his future until after the World Cup. And if he has a monster performance for Denmark, that could ramp up interest in him from clubs like (yes) Real Madrid, who are (yes) reportedly interested in him as a replacement for (yes) Modric who was also signed from (yes) Tottenham. Pleasant dreams!

But all of that is prelude to Schoots’ last statement about Christian, which is much happier:

“But becoming a father for the first time very soon, there is even something bigger at the moment he is giving his attention to.”

D’AWWWW GUISE CHRISTIAN IS GOING TO BE A DAD!! Get a pre-contract on that fetus right now!