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Tottenham to open Premier League season at Newcastle, will play Liverpool at new home stadium Sept. 15

Spurs will return to Wembley for their first “home” match against Fulham August 18.

It’s here! The 2018-19 Premier League schedule has been released, and just like last season, Tottenham Hotspur will kick off the new league campaign with a road match at Newcastle United.

Here’s the full schedule!

tottenham hotspur 2018-19 schedule
Image courtesy of Tottenham Hotspur

More interestingly, after months of plans and backup plans, Tottenham have decided NOT to ask to play a string of away games to begin the season as they wait for their new stadium to be finished. Instead, they will take advantage of a schedule that sees them play three out of their first four away from home, and will play their first “home” match against Fulham at Wembley Stadium.

That sets up an absolutely juicy home opener at The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium against Liverpool on September 15, just after the first international break. Mark your calendars, children. That’s going to be a must-watch match.

Overall, this is a schedule that at first blush looks very favorable to Spurs. There aren’t any stretches that have strings of brutal games against top six opposition, though Spurs do have to play Chelsea and Arsenal in back-to-back weeks two times this season. Otherwise, it actually looks, dare I say it, balanced, and also at first glance would seem to have the Champions League fixtures worked in well with few tough back-to-back games.

The holiday fixtures look especially manageable — Burnley, Everton, Bournemouth, Wolves, Cardiff isn’t exactly a fearsome gauntlet — and Spurs’ run-in is also doable, with only Manchester City and a London derby vs. West Ham in the final two months of the season. Spurs end the year home to Everton.

Of course, a lot of these matches will be shifted based on Spurs’ participation in the Champions League and the Cups, so who knows how things will pan out.

What do you think of Spurs’ new schedule? Are you okay with going back to Wembley vs. Fulham? Have your say in the comments.